• Stop and frisk is racist

    Stop and Frisk is a racist policy. This was struck down in a New York court. The policy is blatantly racist. The police pull over those they suspect could be guilty of an unnamed crime, without any evidence. This has led to a disproportionate amount of minorities be pulled over the police.

  • Yes, Sop and Frisk policies racist.

    Stop and Frisk policies have been determined to be unconstitutional because they unfairly target minorities. Our country already has terrible race relations between minorities and the police. These policies give the already militant police more excuses to harass blacks and Hispanics. Stop and Frisk would do nothing to combat the shooting epidemic happening now, which is largely committed by white males.

  • Stop and frisk is a blatantly racist practice

    The policy of "stop and frisk," where police officers are able to briefly stop suspicious individuals without arresting them, is a racist one. Police officers disproportionately target young black men for committing the same crimes that white men are able to run free for. The fact that Trump supports this policy indicates that he is racist as well.

  • Its not inherently racist

    There is no racial superiority thing going on because you find a guy suspicious. There is not necessarily any bias either. While I don't support the use of this practice by police, and realize the well documented abuse of it, the objective answer to this question is NO. Stop and Frisk policies are not racially biased nor racist, though there are specific individuals who are.

  • No, stop and frisk isn't racist but it is something else

    No, I don't believe the root of stop and frisk policies lies in the racism. However, I do believe that it's roots are in the police state regime and overall sense of fear ingrained in American society. Racism comes from the part that stop and frisk is used mostly against Afro-Americans, and that is another topic to discuss.

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