Trump Talks to '60 Minutes': Was This Interview a Fair Representation of Donald Trump?

  • Trump the next Truman.

    Since his victory speech we have seen a completely new trump, one who is gracious and by all definitions acting extremely presidential. Now regarding his character I believe we see a great example of Donald trumps character as he thourly explains his views but I also believe we see his inexperience in politics when you compare his comments on LGBT rights to his stance on abortion. He contradicts himself when commenting on the Supreme Court rulings on both issues.

  • Yes, the interview was a fair representation of Trump

    The 60 Minutes interview of Trump was a fair reflection of him. He did not appear to be coached or scripted in his answers. And there were a variety of topics covered which were not all rehearsed. It showed him as a more serious minded person than his candidate speeches. And perhaps he is changing his attitude due to the weight of the job ahead.

  • No, the interview was not representative of Trump

    The '60 Minutes' interview was not representative of who Donald Trump is as a person. For the interview, Trump was on his best behavior and tried to act presidential and dignified. However, in order to get the full picture, viewers need to also remember how Trump acted on the campaign trail and before announcing his candidacy.

  • No, it was not.

    Trump needs to make sure this doesn't turn out to be a highly edited hit piece but having his own recording of the interview. CBS doesn't deserve it. Trump is being to nice to these back stabbing lying...Trump is smart. Keep friends close, enemy's closer. By being magnanomous now, he can really begin to make "new friends" He was even kind to Obama today. By doing so, he knows that he can give Obama shallow flattery to stoke Obama`s ego and win him over that will prevent Obama from saying anything negative about Trump in the future.

  • I don't know

    I'm pretty sure what we see is what we get. He's not going to change the kind of person he is overnight. Even if he's slightly backing off of some of his more radical positions, he's still in need of someone to take away his Twitter account. He's still going to be a small-minded vindictive dude, albeit a savvy one, and now one who seems to be coming to realize that running a country is lots of work and not much fun.

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