• A Tiring Trump

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is beginning to show signs of weariness in his most recent debates, displaying frustration and repetition in his answers. What may seem like weariness due to a lengthy and intense campaign, may actually be a sound signal of his apathy toward a public still largely confused by his changing opinions and aggressive attitude.

  • Trump is not fatigued, his ego has been bruised.

    At the beginning of the campaign, Trump was seemingly impervious to criticism and the presidential campaign allowed him to play to his ego, evoking high energy performances. In the course of the debates, it has become clear that his positions are ill-defined and his fellow candidates and people in the media are beginning to draw blood. He is not running out of energy but his ego has been bruised leading to a more deflated performance and a desire to avoid any more public humiliations.

  • No, Trump is not showing weariness.

    Donald Trump to the dismay of politics knows how exactly how to play the game. His avoidance of debates only gives him more airtime and free advertisement. He is coming off as an anti-establishment hero who does not conform to the rules made by the big dogs. It just shows he is playing the game and winning it.

  • Trump Thrives on Hype

    Any avenue that Trump gets to speak, only fuels his desire to be in the public. When it comes to debates, he has shown no signs of slowing down, even when he is faced with questions that he finds uncomfortable and cannot give a reasonable, plausible answer to. Trump has become the juggernaut that the Republican party did not expect and feeds of media attention.

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