Trump to continue his work on television show: Should presidents have second jobs?

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  • No, the president should not have a second job because the president's only priority should be serving the American people.

    No, the president of the United States should not have a second job. Serving as president is a demanding full-time job that requires complete focus and attention around the clock. The president should be available at all times to handle whatever urgent crises our country might face without scheduling conflicts. Also, if the president had a second job, it might lead to conflicts of interest and ethics violations by leading the president to enact or repeal legislation in a way that benefits their other occupation. The president should be serving the American people, all of the American people and only the American people, throughout the entirety of his presidency.

  • No, should be dedicated to only one thing.

    No, Donald Trump once he assumes office should not have any other work, besides being President of The United States. A president should not have a second job because they should be 100% committed to their presidency. He would not do his job efficiently if he is worried about going out to filming or something else other than running the country.

  • No, presidents should not have second jobs.

    No, presidents should not have second jobs. Donald Trump should discontinue his work on his television show so that he can pay full attention to the issues of the American people as their president. The job of president is the hardest job in the world and Donald Trump needs to show it more respect.

  • No, i disagree.

    This is not a good idea. Presidents should not have second jobs. Therefore, Donald Trump should not continue with his work on Television show. He has to concentrate on his major job which is leading the nation. This will be a destruction to his main agenda. If he wants to continue with the show, he should step down.

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