• Why did he stop Jill Stein then?

    I was so impressed with Jill Stein's initiative and I was happy the people were supporting her. Then Trump and his lawyers took her to the courts and stopped the recount, which would have exposed any voter fraud. Now he comes out and says there was voter fraud? What is going on? Face it Mr. President, you lost the popular vote by 3 million votes, not due to voter fraud.

  • Absolutely it is.

    This is the first time that I have ever seen the winner of an election claim voter fraud. In light of the recent information about Russian hacking in the election, I feel like this is Trump's schoolyard tactics where after he feels like someone is attacking him he attacks back with erroneous facts that have no basis. If Donald Trump really wants clarification, why not hold another vote?

  • I think election fraud has more of an impact.

    There are plenty cases of election fraud that need to be looked at.

    This includes registration drives which may have invalid people registered or try to boost registrations for more pay, absentee ballot manipulation, knowing distribution of fraudulent information trying to prevent people from voting, voter challenging without reasonable cause in an attempt to prevent voting and slow down the voting process, count manipulations, and of course voter suppression such as voter purging(crosscheck) and manipulation of poll station availability causing excessive wait times.

    Another thing to investigate might be ways to keep our voter registrations more current WITHOUT disenfranchising voters.

    I think these would be much more effective and meaningful than investigating voter fraud (which studies show do not have a major impact and require a false registration as impersonation is too risky).

  • His ego is what's driving this investigation.

    He lost the popular vote, it's as simple as that. He's a "populist". He likes the sound of his own voice in a microphone. When he won the presidency he said he would be doing a victory tour when most elected are too tired to do one. It's quite pathetic.

  • Invetigating voter fraud is a complete waste of time

    This is a prime example of how Donald Trump will abuse his power as President and waste tax payer's dollars to investigate something that is only affecting his ego. He cannot face the fact that he lost the popular vote and this infuriates him. His only course of action now is to conduct an investigation. Complete waste of time.

  • It has been proven that the Clinton Campaign committed massive election fraud

    It has been proven that the Clinton Campaign committed massive election fraud. Donald Trump is doing what should have been done a long time ago, investigating the vote rigging perpetrated by the Clinton Campaign. I hope Hillary goes to prison for all of her crimes, including rigging our elections. .

  • Many states do not ask for any form of ID.

    This would make it possible for illegal migrants to vote in the election, of which there are 11.4 million in the US. And no prizes for guessing who they voted against after Trump called for the mass deportation of all illegal migrants, hence the record Latino vote. They are not American citizens and should not be allowed to vote.

  • No, it is never a waste of time to investigate voter fraud

    No, it is never a waste of time to investigate voter fraud. In the U.S. we take free and fair elections very seriously and it's important to investigate any fraud that may take place. However, it is ridiculous for Trump to believe that voter fraud only took place in situations that turned out unfavorable toward himself. There was likely fraud on both sides and he needs to be ready to find all of the problems.

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