Trump to Quit the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Is this the right move for America?

  • Yes, it is the right move.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership has questionable motives and ideals. It has been in the planning stage for over five years, but never put into action. If it is simply a waste of time and resources, then a new plan should be made and Trump was correct to quit the futile endeavor.

  • Trump to Quit the Trans-Pacific Partnership: it Is the right move for America

    Trump to Quit the Trans-Pacific Partnership: it Is the right move for America. It is high time our leaders stop throwing the United States under the bus and putting us at every disadvantage over other countries. Finally, a leader who has the guts to stand up to the political nonsense that has cursed us for years.

  • The partnership would not benefit America.

    I do believe that Trump's decision to step away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership is the right move America. As was revealed throughout Trump's campaign, the parameters and terms of the partnership would not be beneficial to America, but rather be benefiting the other countries involved. Quitting the partnership allows for much greater potential in economic growth for the United States.

  • America needs to put itself first.

    The United States has long been the piggy bank for the rest of the world. The trade deals that the United States has agreed to are not beneficial to the United States. They benefit other countries instead in hopes of maintaining world peace. The United States shouldn't be the world's policeman. It should put itself first.

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