Trump to scrap NASA climate change research because it's to politicized: Is climate change a political issue?

  • The issue is half politicized and half scientific.

    Climate change is a very complex issue. Much like any issue, the politicizing of climate change usually muddies everything. A lot of it might be fear mongering. However there is quite a lot of evidence that climate change is real and it is a big issue that could effect all of us.

  • It has become one

    99% of all scientists agree that climate change is real and is happening, to varying degrees. However, in politics, it seems that most Republicans tend to dismiss this scientific evidence, while most Democrats are pushing for more research and more environmental friendly policies. It shouldn't be that hard to agree that science is proof, and something needs to be done.

  • It's more about economics.

    The climate change issue is more about economics than it is about saving the planet. If a person thinks that socialism is better than capitalism, they think that climate change in a serious problem. They use that as an excuse to want to impose a lot of restrictions and regulations on other people and on other countries.

  • No, climate change is not a political issue.

    No, climate change is not a political issue, it is a scientific issue. It is an issue that affects the entire planet and all future generations. This is not republican versus democrat. This is a matter of who will survive in centuries to come. We must act as quickly as possible.

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