Trump tweeted at 3 a.m. that he won the debate. Should Trump stop tweeting for his own sake?

  • Yes, Trump should stop tweeting for his own sake.

    Trump should stop tweeting and posting on social media for his own sake. His lack of ability to filter his tweets and posts is a huge turn off to the American public. By sending tweets in the middle of the night, it shows he is a strange person and not fit for the American presidency.

  • Nobody Cares about Twitter

    He is unstoppable and unmanageable. Nothing will stop him from being an arrogant and cocky man. He goes to twitter because he knows that's where he'll find people who support him unconditionally no matter what he does or what he says. He is just digging a bigger hole for himself.

  • Yes, Trump should stop tweeting for his own sake.

    Yes, Trump should stop tweeting for his own sake because it shows he only cares about himself. Every poll shows that Clinton won the debate, so he is boasting about false polls. He should focus on his policies rather than complaining about the debate questions. No one likes a braggart.

  • He is competent enough to have a Twitter account.

    Every time Trump uses his Twitter account, whether it's to aim abuse at opponents, or to rage about the leader of the Republican Party in Congress at three in the morning, or to make ridiculous misogynistic remarks he does himself a disservice. The American public are free to read his silly, childish uncensored thoughts through his Twitter feed and very few people find them impressive.

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