Trump urged people to check out a sex tape of the former Miss Universe. Should Trump seek psychological help?

  • Yes, every time that you think that the Trump campaign could sink any lower,then the Donald pulls a another rabbit out of the hat and sets a new low.

    Think about this he will if elected have a significant degree of power over U.S. citizens. What would be his first new law he would put in place ? Wherever institutions I give by any social media platform must be obeyed .
    He , Trump has yet again put his foot in it .
    He has in a single tweet come across as an advertiser of sleaze videos and uses his opponents aids past to try and discredit his opposition .

  • yes he should seek psychological help

    Yes he should seek psychological help, because while he was at the debate stage, he should have raised the opinion for people to ask Clinton about her support to miss universe and about the sex tape, not after the debate to start blasphemy people of good reputation

    Donald Trump also appears to have a problem steering clear of his phone when he ought to know better. In his latest barrage of tweets, which began at 3am, the New York tycoon began condemning unspecified articles in the media that had appeared about him.

  • Yes, Trump should work with a psychologist to sort out his issues.

    Donald Trump is an egotistical, mean-spirited individual. His attitude and public comments toward women, poor people, immigrants, foreigners and marginalized communities are abhorrent. While Trump may or may not have diagnosable psychological issues, perhaps working with a psychologist would enable him to learn basic skills such as interpersonal communication, etiquette, and compassion.

  • Yes, there is something wrong with this man

    Yes it seems like this man has some deep psychological issues to be handled by an expert. He has been making many reckless and highly immoral statements in the past few months. This thing called presidential elections has become a matter of moral versus immoral choices. I cannot imagine him as a president of a serious country.

  • No- why would he?

    He is completely and totally sane- he is just exposing a dirt bag who assisted in a murder but then had the audacity to criticize Trump for how he talks.
    Fact is Trump is the only sane person running for office save Jill Stein who, as much as I like her, should NEVER be let near the white house unless the alternative is Hillary Clinton.

  • Trump is defending himself from useless propaganda made against him

    Unlike other presidential candidates, Trump does not back out and hide. He goes head on towards the rhetoric used against him. The corrupt Clinton administration airs the commercial about how Trump treated Miss Universe when it was just playful banter from mere talk. Trump did not take any kind of serious action on her, they merely change and exaggerate things on how they talked, packaged this as a low blow on his presidency. Miss Universe herself is a criminal with a criminal record and has also made a sex tape, Trump's defense is that they're getting some criminal whore to work for them to impede his way to presidency so "he who casts the first stone must have no sins," thing going on here, Miss Universe herself is just another scumbag so what she says means nothing.

  • There is no help for him.

    He's too far gone. His mind is not real anymore. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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