Trump used 258000 From His Charity To Settle Legal Problems: Should Trump drop out of the presidential election?

  • Yes, Trump should drop out of the presidential election.

    Yes, Trump should drop out of the presidential election. He has no experience in politics and bullies his way to the top. He manipulates people and calls Clinton "crooked," yet he is the crooked one here. He stole from people who thought they were giving to charity. He is a crook.

  • Yes, he should.

    Trump is a horrible, person who has done horrible things. But of course he will not drop out of the race, because that is not how the American democratic system works. He will keep campaigning and might even campaing or try to run the country from prison if he needs to.

  • No, he should not drop out

    Like it or not, Trump is the elected Republican nominee for President. It would send a bad precedent to demand a nominee to a major political party drop out at this stage of the race barring being charged with an illegal activity. Yes, we can judge his fitness for office and his moral integrity but the way we communicate that he is not an acceptable president is to not vote for him.

  • Interesting when the tables are turned, aye?

    So, who else remembers when Hillary got busted for siphoning millions from Middle-eastern nations? Was in the news for about a day, suddenly the topic gets dropped when their "perfect girl" gets caught doing wrong. Anybody else remember in 2008 Hillary ran a fundraiser to build a hospital in Haiti? That fundraiser racked up astronomical numbers, even millions. There still has been no hospital built well into the year 2016.

  • No, he shouldn't.

    There is no way that Trump should drop out of the Presidential election because of this. Unfortunately, candidates on both side seem to be corrupt. Hillary Clinton has done so many horrible things over the years, and I'm sure more is going to be found out about her. Too bad they both can't drop out.

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