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  • Carson for the win!

    Carson is the better of the two candidates. I consider Carson as a person--as well as his policies--to both be better than those of Trump's. For example, I don't understand why Trump would attack Cruz over what he's done as a senator if he's a true conservative (and I'm saying this as someone who previously didn't like to hear people say that Trump's not a true conservative!), and I currently prefer Carson's flat tax over Trump's tax policy.

  • I like Ben

    Ben is not a Clinton, a bush, a communist, or a jerky racist businessman, and martin o malley, well he's okay, but he's not what we need, what we need is someone who is not part of the whole bush coups which Obama is, he is a cousin of the Bush's.

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BrendanD19 says2016-01-08T02:16:27.533
Do I really have to choose? I mean there both just so awful.
DeepInThought says2016-01-08T02:30:52.547
I did another one for the democrat's top 2 people.
BrendanD19 says2016-01-08T02:46:09.770
I voted in it