Trump was proud of himself for not bringing up Bill Clinton's affairs. Should he be criticized for his own affairs?

  • Trump's adulterous past should be scrutinized

    Much has been made of Bill "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton. Many individuals are bringing up his lecherous past as an excuse to not vote for his wife Hillary. However, Donald Trump is no saint either. Voters should investigate Trump's multiple marriages and reported rape of an underage girl before they dismiss Hillary and Bill.

  • Yes, he should be

    Yes, Trump should be criticized for all of his affairs. Well, the main reason he was silent about Bill Clinton's affairs was the fact that he didn't want his affairs to be mentioned during a debate. It is said that he was proud of himself for not mentioning Clinton's affairs, but I honestly believe that he was proud to have been 'clean' during the debate.

  • Yes, he should be criticized for his own affairs.

    Yes, he should be criticized for his own affairs, especially if he wants to attack Hillary Clinton for her husband's affairs. Hillary Clinton had no influence over whether Bill Clinton would commit adultery. Donald Trump, however, could control his affairs. He should be held accountable because he is running for the highest office.

  • No he was not in the White House or flying to another island to have sex. What an example so proud of him BS

    In the news he had sex with Monica, and Jennifer and the secret service even said he was having ALL kinds of affairs. Why does everyone think Hillary is so pure and perfect. She lies and knew her email was wrong. She should be in jail. We will have a women president but she wont be it.

  • No, he should not.

    His affairs are between him, his wife at the time, and the women he cheated on. He was out of line for bringing up Bill Clinton's affairs, but that does not mean his are relevant. However, the allegations of rape against him, and his blatent disrespect for women are relevant.

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