• Yes, Ii think so.

    It’s a terrifying moment for Democrats. We’ve seen this movie before: It was 1980, and independent candidate John Anderson pulled lots of votes in what we think of as blue states—15 percent in Massachusetts, 13 percent in New Hampshire, 11 percent in Colorado and Washington, 10 percent in Oregon and Maine. Anderson had been a Republican, but the votes he siphoned off would have gone more to Jimmy Carter than to Ronald Reagan—by 49 percent to 37 percent, according to exit polls. Every one of those states went for Reagan. In Maine, the margin was just 3 percentage points.

    The emergence of a plausible moderate alternative also threatens to derail a larger piece of Democratic strategy: Clinton was hoping to trot out aisle-crossing Republicans to boost her bipartisan credentials.

  • I don't know

    I'm not sure what would have made a difference. I'm still shocked about the outcome and pretty despairing of the future. I don't know what else Clinton could have done. She had a better financed, better organized and better run campaign. She didn't start slinging insults, racism and sexism as Trump did. Half the time one section of his campaign had no idea what the others were doing and somehow he still won.

  • Clinton campaigned plenty

    Clinton campaigned plenty. She had the benefit of a very willing and able press to help her along. It did all it could to ensure a Hillary presidency, yet it wasn't enough. Trump won because people are fed up with the liberal brand of politics that has not bettered their lives. Hillary offered nothing new except empty promises. Gotta hand it to the voters for getting this one right.

  • No, i disagree.

    Trump having won the elections does not mean that Hillary Clinton did not campaign enough. It means that the majority people that voted actually liked him and that Hillary had no enough supporters to outdo Donald Trump. She was actually a potential leader but something crazy happened during the elections time.

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