• He will be good for business.

    Trump is the first true businessman to become President. This is a rare opportunity to have someone who knows how to run a company actually running the country. Stocks have been going nuts since Trump won the presidency. Trump will cut taxes and he will reduce regulations. He will improve the economy and bring jobs.

  • What I see of media coverage dictates that he might not be the most qualified.

    There have been numerous accounts of dishonesty and slander. He has made outlandish statements and back pedaled so frequently. On top of that he behaves in a very childish and hot headed way amidst criticsm. This makes me fear for the American people, because as president there's always someone who will disagree and I fear retaliation from Trump on those who cross him.

  • Mr. Trump is unlikely to be the best PResident ever

    The best President moniker is generally reserved for those that get the Country through a monumental change. Although we are in the early stages of a technological revolution it does not seem that these problems rise to the level of concern raised by the Civil War, Cold War and World War Two. It seems that baring some calamity that Mr. Trump rescues us from, the greatest moniker will be re reserved for names like Lincoln, Roosevelt and Reagan.

  • No, Trump will not be the best President ever.

    No, Trump will not be the best President ever, because he does not have the sober judgment needed to thoughtfully lead the United States through a crisis. The best presidents in United States history have been the ones who were in office during the most trying times in the nation's history: Washington in its infancy, Lincoln during the Civil War, and Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression and World War II, for example. Each of these presidents kept a level head when the nation was in turmoil while putting the interests of the United States first. Mr. Trump has been unable to bear even the slightest personal affront with grace and poise; it is unlikely that he would be able to follow the steady example of our greatest presidents if a real crisis were to arise while he is in office.

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