Trump won't release proof that he forgave personal loans that he made to his campaign. Do you believe him?

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  • Lack of disclosure makes belief difficult.

    Any time proof of a claim is not provided, it makes such claim suspect. If the is no deception, there is no need for secrecy. The fact that Trump is an accomplished businessman leads one to believe that these loans, if they exist, are documented somewhere. Additionally, the forgiveness of said loans, if they were forgiven, must also be documented. Successful businesspeople do not simply lose nor neglect the documentation for monetary transactions. The refusal to release such documentation leads one to believe that some deception is involved.

  • Trump not Believable

    No, I don't believe Trump. It seems every word out of his mouth is either a self-serving lie or an insult to an individual or group. In the case of his personal loans, no it doesn't seem likely that he forgave the loans. However, there are a lot of reporting requirements for campaign financing. Surely somewhere someone would catch it.

  • No, it is not believable that Trump forgave personal loans to his campaign without proof.

    Donald Trump has made many claims during his presidential campaign that fact-checkers have discovered were dubious. Trump has been loaning his campaign money to help finance his presidential run. Trump has claimed that he forgave these personal loans to his campaign. However, the public has a right to be skeptical about this claim without proof that he forgave these loans.

  • No, I do not believe Donald Trump.

    Donald Trump has a history of contridicting himself and providing false information. He has a tendancy to say whatever he feels like or whatever will gain him the most support, no matter whether or not it is based in fact. Not only that but he asks for his opponents and detractors to provide the burden of proof. He should do the same.

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