• I h9 immigruntz!11! :[

    Dunold truoomp is my daddi und i luv how racist troomp is! Douwn in teh suoth we h7 them mexicones, we ned to kick dem oot. BERnie is a croosty uld mun but daddi troomp is teh best! Voot trumpo!111 TRUMPO FOR PRISEDENT CUZ HE IZ LIKE HUTLER !1111 yuy

  • Trump is best

    Donald Trump has experience creating jobs. His stance on immigration is what this country needs. He might not have said the rights words but, I believe if he is voted in "action" will be what defines him as a president. Mr. Trump has experience at rebuilding and recovering financially. Our country is in financial uncertainty. Who better to lead us through uncertainty than someone who has been there? I believe he will make sure our military is strong again so countries wouldn't tiptoe outside our western borders and Alaska. Putin only respects strength, something the USA hasn't shown in quite some time. I believe he will balance the budget. He will make those decisions as he has in his own business. We don't need our next president to run our country as a well spoken politician. We need a businessman whose biggest flaw might be he doesn't use the right phrasing. I can live with that.
    Although it is entirely true that Trump is ostentatious and has his mistakes, he brings something to the table no other candidate has; he speaks his mind. That is what America really needs, to get away from the weaseling of politics and get to the truth. The fact that Trump says what some people do not want to hear shows that as President he would give us the facts straight, versus giving us nonsense answers like Hillary.
    Trump tells it like it is, no matter what resulting chaos ensues. He's doesn't need to be beholden to anyone or anything. His strong perseverance is what we need. His goal will be to make America "cost effective". You may not agree with him, but you WILL listen because he is an "in your face" personality. He has known both defeat and victory, and is not a graceful looser, coming back even stronger. His negotiating skills are superb.

  • No!!!!!!!!!!!!! Donald Trump is a billionaire psycho.

    Bernie actually has a reason to run for president.Donald Trump on the other hand wants all illegal immigrants out of the USA.Mostly Asians and Mexicans.He is a mad man.He is a man who wants USA to rid of them.He is a big dumb fat man with a ugly tan.That is Donald Trump.

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