Trump's assets and Congress: Should Congress pass a law requiring that Donald Trump sell all of his assets before he takes office?

  • Yes, Congress should require Trump to sell his assets.

    Yes, in the interest of transparency, Trump should be required to sell his assets before assuming the presidency. The true extent of his financial entanglements are not known, and he may be dealing with individuals and nations that do not have the best interests of the United States in mind.

  • They may be forced to.

    Donald Trump has shown a resistance to putting his assets into a blind trust after he assumes the office of president. This could mean that he could be dealing with serious conflicts of interest and may be influenced by foreign money being paid to his companies. If this resistance continues, Congress should force the issue before the electoral college are forced to reject his presidency and throw the country into turmoil.

  • No, forced asset forfeiture is unjust.

    No, the United States Congress should not pass a law forcing President-elect Trump to sell off his assets before he takes office. It is my belief that although some of his assets may present the potential for conflicts of interest, the legislatively mandated sale of those assets would be unjust and set a bad precedent regarding governmental seizure of private property of public servants. If Congress wishes to prevent the appearance of impropriety they should recommend that Trump's assets be placed in a blind trust until he leaves office and vote to censure him if he refuses to do so. Asset forfeiture, however, would be an abuse of power.

  • Congress should not pass a law requiring Donald Trump to sell all of his assets

    I do not think that Congress should pass a law to require Donald Trump to sell his assets before taking office. I do think that Congress needs to consider his assets, investments and connections in the business world. He should not be able to further his business ventures or friends via his office. The office of President should not be entangled in the business world, especially via the Executive Office.

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