• Yes, it is.

    Trump says he doesn't support welfare and instead believes that by giving corporations big breaks, that we will benefit because they will invest in more business. But the Regan era proved that this was not a sound policy and that trickle down economics does not work for anyone on the lower levels.

  • Trump/Carrier Deal: Corporate Welfare At its Finest

    Donald Trump has given Carrier millions of taxpayer's dollars to keep Carrier from leaving the country. This was financed by Indiana taxpayers. This is the definition of corporate welfare. Carrier has been given an incentive to remain in the United States, against the wishes of Carrier to do what was otherwise best for their business. How else (besides "corporate welfare") could this situation be defined?

  • Yes: Trump's Carrier deal is corporate welfare.

    Yes: Donald Trump's deal with Carrier to keep jobs in the U.S. in exchange for tax breaks and incentives is a great example of corporate welfare. All of the people of Indiana will be responsible for coming up with millions of dollars that will go to Carrier in exchange for saving the jobs of a specific few.

  • Yes, you could call it that.

    Yes, Trump's Carrier deal is a form of corporate welfare. Trump promised the company a lot of tax breaks in exchange for the company keeping more jobs in America. While I agree with keeping jobs here, I'm not sure that corporate tax breaks is the right answer. Bernie Sanders feels that companies that move jobs overseas should be taxed more. Maybe that's a better answer.

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