Trump's many business interests: Should a business person be President?

  • Yes a business person should be allowed to be president. HOWEVER

    They should be required to place everything in a blind trust to avoid conflicts of interest.

    They need greater scrutiny due to the possible conflicts of interest, either with associates or with policies that would greatly enhance future endeavors out of office at the expense of the american people.

    Their business practices must be evaluated as their actions in a position of power in business reflect their character and ability. If in business they extort from their workers, customers, or partners then they will extort the entire american people from the oval office. If they're successful while providing well for their employees and are fair to their customers and partners then they will potentially be a very good president.

    Trump however fails at both of these which makes him completely unsuitable as a public servant let alone president. He has refused to release his tax returns and more importantly his business ties. He is also known for discriminatory practices against and extortion from his workers and contractors.

  • Yes, a business person can be president.

    There's nothing inherently wrong with this, having a business shouldn't limit who can be president. However, presidents like Trump
    aren't good for anyone. So I think that it is fine, but I certainly don't support our current president. If they have experience in both business and politics, than it is fine. The

    Posted by: Lyfe
  • Yes, a business person can be president.

    There is nothing wrong with having a business person be president. However, the president must make sure that there are no conflicts of interests between his business and his administration. Having a business person as president could be beneficial to a bloated, over-regulated federal government. A business person can bring a fresh set of eyes to serious problems that multiple administrations have been unable to fix.

  • They know how to run a business.

    America has a unique and rare opportunity in the next four years, in having an actual business person be the President. Trump will likely have some unique perspectives on how to manage the country that most career politicians do not have experience with. He will cut bad spending from the government and make us all richer.

  • No, a businessperson should not be president.

    No, a businessperson should not be president. The leader of the government should be a person who has governing experience and not just business experience. Governments are not businesses. The duty of a government is to protect and serve the interests of the people, while the purpose of a business is to make money.

  • No, too much conflict of interest.

    A business person should no be a president because there will be too much conflict of interest. This will arise during policy and drafting and implementation where the said policies may not augur well with their business interest. Anyone interested in running for presidency should relinquish all positions held in the corporate world.

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