Trumps new tax plan will hit single parents hardest. Should we be concerned about the effect this will have on society?

  • Yes, we should.

    Single parents are the backbone of our society. They work hard to take care of their children, which means long hours and lots of self sacrifice. They often have low income jobs because they need a flexible job that can work around their children's schedule and this is what is available.

  • Yes, we should be concerned that Trump's new tax plan will hit single parents hardest.

    Yes, we should be concerned that President-Elect Donald Trump's new tax plan will hit single parents hardest. More of the tax burden should be shouldered by corporations and the wealthy, not Americans that are already struggling as it is. Trickle-down economics has been proven to be a scam, and we should move on from it.

  • Yes, it should be somethinh of great concern.

    As a society we should be concerned on the effect the new Tax plan plan by Trump that will affect single parents the most. Many single parents are struggling with a lot of issues and the government should not add on that list by coming up with a retrogressive tax plan.

  • No, Trump's plan could be trumped by Congress

    Frequently, especially in recent weeks, fears about the President-elect's planned policy changes have been based on innuendo and "what-if" statements, which have been coupled with emotionally charged rhetoric. However, many Americans forget the inherent system of checks and balances that exist within the United States which prevents the President, however inflammatory in his beliefs, from exerting total control over the country. Presidents, historically speaking, rarely see proposed ideas pushed through Congress without serious revisions. Furthermore, suggested plans, devised during a presidential campaign, often are adjusted or abandoned as the reality of political compromise reveals itself.

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