Trump's Official Stance: Will Climate Denial hurt our chances at protecting the planet?

  • Yes, climate denial will hurt our chances at protecting the planet.

    Yes, denying the reality that climate change is real and is caused by human activity will have a catastrophic effect on the health of our planet and the survival of our species. In the face of potentially irreversible changes to the capacity of our planet to sustain life, we have no time to waste.

  • Yes, climate denial will make global warming worse

    Trump's stance that global warming is a conspiracy promoted by the Chinese "to make US automotive industry uncompetitive" is not supported by any of the facts. Global warming is a real phenomenon and is easily demonstrated by virtually every relevant scientific study. The US' role in climate change is also quite evident, and if the US reneges on its promises, the global climate will get that much worse.

  • Climate Denial will most certainly hurt our chances at protecting our planet.

    The current rate of global warming is shockingly high, and we are navigating a dangerous road that has death at the end. Refusing to acknowledge the existence of climate change, especially by major political figures, slows our ability to accept the challenge and react to it appropriately. The evidence that shows climate change is happening is appalling, and those who refuse to believe it impede our ability to work out a solution.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Even under Trump, there will still be reason for hope. Political change unfolds in unexpected ways, and not everything on Earth revolves around the machinations of the US federal government. Climate activists will continue to push for action at local levels — much as they did during the George W. Bush years, when the Sierra Club began blocking a major planned expansion of coal power. It’s possible that opposition to Trump will galvanize a new generation of climate activists who find creative ways to address global warming.

  • Climate Denial will not hurt our chances at protecting the planet.

    Climate denial will not hurt our chances at protecting the planet. Unfortunately, global warming is a debated phenomenon with contradicting research on each side of the argument. Denying climate change will not hurt our chances at protecting the planet because there are many alternative ideas that would help preserve the earth. Perhaps focusing on the efforts that everyone can agree on would be more effective in the long run.

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