Trump's pick for Department of Education lead supports school vouchers: Will public schools survive?

  • Yes, public schools will survive.

    Yes, public schools will survive because they are stronger than the acts of one ignorant politician. The new head of the Education Department may want to strip public schools of funding, but she will not succeed. She is living with an outdated idea of how things work. People will resist.

  • They will get better.

    There is a reason that capitalism does better than socialism. When there is competition, things get better. With competition, the public schools will have to improve. There is not one person that can say with a straight face that Detroit schools are doing well. It's time to try something different.

  • Yes, public schools will survive.

    Yes, public schools will survive the presidency of Donald Trump and the potential secretaryship of school voucher proponent and billionaire Betsy Devos. However, if Devos gets her way in creating vouchers that will funnel money away from the neediest public school students, the quality of education in the U.S. will suffer.

  • No, they will not.

    Public schools are already failing, and they are not going to do well with the changes the new Department of Education Secretary will make. Our students will get an even worse education, and they will be dumber than previous generations. They will be easily duped and will not think critically.

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