Trump's Potential Homeland Security Chief: Is he taking this "Guantanamo Bay" suggestion too far?

  • Yes, just a bit too far there, Mr. Trump.

    I do believe that the terrorism issue is extreme and needs to be handled. However, I don’t think it’s right to send people away without a trial. What are they basing the suspects' “guilt” on? Something they said? Something someone else said? Something they think the suspect thinks? Do you see how this can get a little hairy and nightmarish for a person who does NOT support terrorism but is wrongly suspected of such?

  • Doesn't make sense

    Sheriff Clarke says lock up all the protestors at Guantanamo Bay, and that is nuts for several reasons. Just logistically it isn't even big enough. Beyond that, it would be a violation of the constitution to treat people this way. This guy is scary and no business near national policy.

  • Yes he is

    This dude wants to send up to 1 million people to Guantanamo Bay. Doesn't that sound a little extreme to you? Suspending the constitutional rights of one citizen, let alone that many is not something that should be taken lightly. To detain that many people indefinitely is insane. I think we need to be vigilant and protect ourselves, but this is too extreme.

  • Trump's Chief is not taking Guantanamo Bay too far.

    Trump's potential Homeland Security chief is not taking the Guantanamo Bay suggestion too far. It is merely a suggestion that would require many further actions before everything progressed as he suggested. It does indicate that he may have a few outlandish suggestions, but it is good to have a chief that is willing to take action.

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