Trump's Supreme Court pick: Is the Court about to sway conservative for the next quarter century?

  • I think the Supreme Court could sway conservative.

    Trump has promised to nominate a conservative judge and apparently has a list of 20 viable options in his opinion. However, there could be a chance that he nominates a center-left judge who could keep the court more left leaning. It is still to be seen, but chances are he will appoint a strong conservative.

  • Yes, the Court is going to sway conservative.

    Donald Trump has made it clear that he is going to nominate conservative judges with similar beliefs to the late Antonin Scalia. Also, he has repeatedly stated that he will only nominate judges that are pro-life. As there is currently an open seat on the Court and several of the current judges are advancing in age, the Court is likely to see a conservative majority.

  • Yes, Republicans control the White House and Congress.

    The Supreme Court will be conservative for a while now. Donald Trump will nominate conservative-leaning justices, and the Republican-controlled Congress will approve of them, meaning that conservatives will control the United States government for a long time. Hopefully recent advances, such as legalizing same-sex marriage, will not be reversed by the new Supreme Court justices.

  • It was a big decision.

    The voters voted for President Trump just as much as they voted for a conservative court. Trump will select the nominee that will replace the vacancy, and Ginsburg likely will not make it another four years. This will create a conservative sway to the court that will affect this country forever.

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