Trump's team says he won't reveal anything about hacking: Will Trump ever do what he says?

  • Yes he will deregulate, cut insurance, and cut taxes on the wealthy.

    Trump will do as he says on some things but in a way that will probably hurt the american people.

    1. He will de-regulate anything that hinders corporate profits, and cut taxes on the rich.
    2. He will do away with obamacare entirely while not getting a replacement or even restoring supports that obamacare replaced.
    3. He will do away with government waste, which in his opinion is anything that does not benefit US corporations (see 1)

    These are the things I think we can be sure he will do.

  • No, he will not.

    The real problem is that Trump never says the same thing to different people. Trump is very good at telling people what they want to hear, or what he thinks they want to hear, but that does not mean that he will act on any of the things that he says.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    What is annoying is that Trump's lies are more like the kid who talks about his dog at school and then when you go over to his house, there is no dog. Then the next day, in home room, he is back to talking about that dog again and you say "I was at your house yesterday, you don't have a dog." And then all of his other friends scream and say you are being mean to him and that he only meant he had a dog metaphorically, not literally, and then they punch you in the head and pass laws to curb your civil rights.

  • No, not unless he says he's lying

    In which case he will be telling the truth for once. Trump is not known for honesty or forthrightness. He will say anything just for the heck of it, or because he's being petty or trying to get revenge on 'enemies'. He did not 'drain the swamp', or follow through on so many of his campaign promises, and there's no reason to think he'll start now.

  • No, Trump does not seem likely to do what he says.

    No, Trump does not seem likely to do what he says. First, Trump often says things that don't make sense or are not plausible. He simply can't follow through. Then there are the other times when he says things he clearly never plans to follow through on because they don't benefit him personally. Best plan: don't pay much attention to what he says; just wait until he does something.

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