• Yes, Trump has cheated people.

    Yes, Trump cheated the students at Trump University, just as he cheated the people he didn't pay when he was running his businesses. Trump has done a lot of bad things, but none of that matters now. He cheated and there is nothing anybody can do about that now. Do people care about it now? They ignored every other thing during the campaign.

  • Of course he has!

    Trump cheated many people out of money with his fraudulent "university." He as much as admitted to it by settling the lawsuits against him for $25 million. But this isn't the only example of him cheating people. There are numerous other stories of him stiffing employees and people who have provided services to him, simply because he doesn't want to pay them. Trump is a con artist!

  • Yes, I think so.

    In 2005, the Trump announced an eponymous “university” to teach his real-estate development secrets. Students ponied up as much as $35,000—some after being suckered in by slick free “seminars”—to learn how to get rich. One ad promised they would “learn from Donald Trump’s handpicked instructors, and that participants would have access to Trump’s real estate ‘secrets.’” In fact, Trump had little to do with the curriculum or the instructors. Many of the “students” have since complained that Trump U. was a scam. At one time, it had some prestigious instructors, but over time the “faculty” became a motley bunch of misfits.

  • Undoubtedly Trump has cheated people

    From everything I've read and heard from reputable news organizations, Trump University was a get-rich-quick scheme marketed to customers as a school to learn how to get rich quick. The people who paid upwards of $35,000 didn't get what they paid for, however. Now Trump has settled the lawsuit that 5,000 former Trump U. "students" brought to trial. He settled for $25 million. If Trump charged all 5,000 clients $35,000 each and only had to pay $25 million back, he got to keep $150 million of their money. That sounds like a cheat to me.

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