• It's about time.

    Someone has to tell the media to quit shoving our opinions down our throats. They told the country to elect Hillary Clinton. The public chose not to. The media threw a fit. It's about time that someone pushed back against the media and told them to stop trying to control public opinion.

  • No, I do not agree with Trumps war on the media.

    Donald Trump thinks that he can have anything he wants. He has more money than he knows what to do with. He has had many different wives and has degraded women and treats them like property. He needs to understand how the media works. He needs to understand that not everyone gets their way all the time.

  • No, i don't.

    I do not agree with this. Donald Trump's war on media is not pleasant. I believe that Donald Trump has better things to do than the war on media. He should shortly address the issue if there is any and not make this a big deal unless it is that serious.

  • No, Trump is sending the wrong message

    In my opinion, Trump is sending the wrong message to the American people by removing the press pool and revoking journalists' access to his events. The message Trump is sending is that he does not believe in transparency and that he wishes to hold two sets of opinions: one in public and the other in private.

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