• There are many beliefs but only one truth

    To say that here are many truths is rediculous, because, by definition, there can only be one truth. Like the apple is red. This is a truth because the apple is indeed red. You may believe that the apple is blue or another might believe that the apple is grey but the truth is, the apple is red, and nothing you can do can change the fact that the apple (this one for arguments sake 🍎) is red. You could dye it, but that would just be masking the truth.

  • We ;live in the land of Make believe, whild anything that is true does not need any one of us to believe it.

    This is the land of make believe, through this malicious use sf Reason and I was brought to these United States becasue I AM the Light, kkk and all ther rest is only made to see, yet the issue is spiritual. Nobody gets out of lif alive, which half is false which half is true?

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