Trying 9/11 terror suspects in NYC courts: Is terrorists trials a propaganda win (yes) or loss (no)?

  • Americans would like to see 9/11 suspects tried in NYC

    For the most part, Americans are angry about the attacks on the WTC, Pentagon and other failed attacks. This tragic event will be forever recorded in history. To know that those who may have had something to do with it would be tried in NYC courts is significant, because it isn't a less affected court trying the case, but those in whose jurisdiction the attacks occurred.

  • Show Trials Have No Place

    Show trials have no place in American society--remember the OJ Simpson trial and its debacle? A murder is walking free in America as we speak because of that. 9/11 terror suspects should be tried in Florida, the closest federal court to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The trials should be swift and justice meted out. The prisoners have been in custody for 12 years--isn't it time for closure? Either sentence them to life in prison or condemn them to death.

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