Trying 9/11 terror suspects in NYC courts: Is trying terrorists in courts consistent with the law?

  • The Law is the Only Legitimate Judge

    Trying terrorist’s in court upholds the concepts of social Law and Order to people who otherwise do not understand or respect human life. If they were dealt with in the same manner in which they acted, then we have proven society is no better than a terrorist. Sometimes, “fire with fire” is
    the most counterproductive action a nation or nations could take. In order to make a statement to those who engage in terrorism, a very harsh punishment would send a message that the safety of the citizenry is not something to be messed with. Social Order and Individual Freedom would be maintained.

  • No, it is a sidestep of martial law.

    No, trying terrorists in courts in NYC is not consistent with the law, because it is inconsistent with martial law. When someone commits an act of war against the United States, it is the best procedure to try them in a military court. The civilian courts are not prepared to deal with these people as civilian actors, so there will not be justice.

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