Trying juveniles as adults: Is it ever right to try juveniles as adults?

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  • Do the crime do the time

    At times being tried as an adult is justified. There are crimes being committed by juveniles that warrant consequences as a juvenile such as possibly shoplifting or vandalism and there are more. However, it appears that there are more and more serious crimes such as burglary, rape, murder or robbery plus others that are being committed by juvenile offenders and they need to be held accountable. It seems that in this era, many juveniles (not all of them ) have the attitude that they can do whatever they want no matter what it is. Then they think that all that is going to happen to them is ("they are just going to talk to me "). Those young people with that attitude did at one time learn proper decision making skills but somewhere along the line they saw poor choices being made and chose to take that path with the idea that "they are just going to talk to me." No matter what age everyone needs to be held accountable for their choices that they made which are either positive or negative.

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  • Some juveniles commit crimes that warrant being tried as an adult

    Yes, in some cases, juveniles need to be tried as adults. Juveniles have learned the system and understand that they will most likely not be punished as they should be so they continue to commit these crimes. If a crime is committed by a juvenile of a certain age, he or she should be tried as if they were adults especially if the act was an adult act.

  • I think that sometimes it is appropriate to charge juveniles as adults.

    I think that sometimes it is appropriate to charge juveniles
    as adults. I believe that sometimes it
    is necessary to try juveniles as adults.
    There are certain crimes that are very serious and need to be harshly
    punished. Crimes such as mass murder,
    serial child molestation, and terrorism need to be judged harshly.

  • Yes, they need punishment.

    Yes, it is right to try juveniles as adults, especially in situations where the juvenile system does not provide for appropriate punishment. The purpose of the juvenile system is to rejuvenate and treat the child. If the child needs punishment, the juvenile system might not readily provide for that. In a case like that, the adult system is appropriate.

  • Only in Extreme Circumstances

    Juveniles should be tried as adults only in extreme circumstances such as violent crimes like murder and assault. It depends on the age. A 13-year-old who smokes pot should go to juvy. A 13-year-old who guns down two classmates with a .357 Magnum probably gets 25 years to life in prison for taking their lives.

  • It is sometimes necessary to try juveniles as adults.

    It is sometimes necessary to try juveniles as adults. Sometimes it should not matter what the age of the person is that has committed the crime. If a juvenile kills someone then they should get the same sentence as someone that is over 18. I think that this would deter a lot of juvenile crime.

  • Yes They Should.

    If the child commits a crime gruesome enough and be tried as a child then they will not learn their lesson and most likely be on a road to further crime. If they are tried as an adult then their punishment will be more severe allowing the child to truly understand what they have done is wrong and not accepted in our society.

  • A juvenile is not an adult and should not be tried as one.

    I don't care what crime a juvenile committed it is unjust to try them as an adult. They are not an adult until they reach the age of 18. If the law does not allow a juvenile to be punish harshly enough then it is that law that should be changed.

  • Nah fam, It's cool.

    No because most kids did something accidental and maybe wasn't thinking straight. It shouldn't have to be a harsh punishment. It'll just make them even worse when they get out because they are used to the bad things that happened to them. What if all juveniles just need a bit of time to think about there mistakes? Treating them like adults isn't giving them time, It's speeding it up.

  • They are to young.

    They are to young to be treated as an adult. They can take as much pain as an adult can so that would be torture. So furthermore its only making them worse when they get out. Don't treat kid as an adult that can handle a sweat when a kid can die from it.

  • Locking a child up in prison will not teach them a lesson.

    Treating a juvenile like an wild animal that needs to be locked up will only result in them behaving like one once they get out. Instead, they should be tried as juveniles and receive a juvenile punishment. Juvenile punishments are based on rehabilitation, so it will teach them how their actions were wrong. They will learn better from their mistakes if they are not tried as adults.

  • It is never right

    Juveniles are not adults, so it is never right to try them as such. Let's stop trying to feed this American need for revenge, shall we? People make mistakes, sometimes horrific, especially juveniles, and they shouldn't spend the rest of their lives regretting it in prison. That's simply ridiculous, okay?

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