Tulsa officer Betty Shelby was booked on charges. Is she a victim of public pressure?

  • It's never as one sided as people's own opinion.

    Manslaughter one seems pretty severe for making a mistake at work. While the consequences are more severe when it is police work, at best this woman made a costly mistake while doing her job. But I actually believe that it appears to be justified. I get so tired of bad things happening while people are engaging in reckless and illegal behavior and then blaming police. The continuous rhetoric by the 60 minutes interviews was that she didn't know he was on PCP at the time of the shooting. If he was on PCP, let's face it, he would be acting strange and erratic. Ignoring police officer commands ,combined with other tendencies associated with PCP is likely going to be a deadly proposition.

  • Black lives matter

    The media isnt giving the officer the benefit of the doubt. These black lives matter assholes are putting so much pressure on the police that police departments don't know what to do. They come under so much fire and hate that black people are literally shooting at them and throwing stuff at them and burning buildings and looting stores but if the police try and intervene with the violence there seen as racist and only come under more heat.

  • No, absolutely not.

    If she had not shot an unarmed man, he would have had a chance to stand trial. Betty Shelby is getting a lot more than he ever did. She is being given the opportunity to stand trial in a court of law. And it highly unlikely that if she is punished that she will face the death penalty.

  • No, she is not a victim of public pressure.

    Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby is not a victim of public pressure. Shelby was found to have acted unlawfully by fatally shooting an unarmed man. Therefore, she should be charged with manslaughter, tried in a court of law and face a verdict by a jury of her peers. The public opinion should not influence the jury's decision though.

  • No, Betty Shelby is not a victim of public pressure.

    No, Betty Shelby is not a victim of public pressure. Betty Shelby is a victim of white privilige packaged in a blue suit. Police are trained to protect and serve, however in a society that does not value the lives and bodies of people of color, prejudices abound where is should not. She was poorly trained, and obviously inherently biased, which led her to shoot an innocent man based on his skin color and her prejudice. It was murder, plain and simple, and she was charged accordingly like every other citizen who breaks the law.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Why is it someone on the streets can kill someone and they get life, but you let a policeman kill someone and they only get 4 years. This is very wrong. Murder is Murder regardless if it`s a cops or a citizen. They should all be convicted the same. Sounds like she shouldn't be a cop if she freaks out like that...

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