• Tumblr has extremists, sexist people, BUT:

    It is very easy to not se their posts and ignore them. It is the best place if you're in a fandom! ANY fandom is found there. It is also a sanctuary for people that are discriminated against or the minorities that are considered 'weird'...
    I really feel safe there on tumblr, where I can find like-minded people and relatable posts, as well as masterposts that links me to great fanfictions and fanarts.
    And as an LGBT misophonic person, I can voice my fantasies and ideas without them being considered as weird, but as normal and OK.

  • Tumblr is Better

    The community is more excepting and welcoming I think. I also believe that when you join tumblr, it's like joining a family, a family of werid fangirls like you. That is what being a "tumblr girl is". I also believe that tumblr is more physhical appealing to the eye. Whereas Reddit, I was going to join, but the home page was awful. But tumblr welcomed me with a weird homepage. Tumblr makes me feel at home.

  • Tumblr is God

    Tumblr is so good, we need no argument. Everyone on tumblr could beat everyone on reddit in a race, because they are better. You can do so much with tumblr. You cant do potato with reddit. Why is this even a dispute? Get on our level you easy bake ovens

  • Tumblr is for interacting with people, Reddit is for interacting with subjects.

    On Tumblr, You follow people directly. Any content they post is going to show up on your dashboard. On Reddit, You subscribe to subreddits, That are communities dedicated to discussing one topic.

    For example, On Tumblr let's say there's a person who has great posts about modern art. So you follow them. But they also sometimes post tastefully artistic porn, That you're not interested in. Well, Tough luck, Because it's gonna show up on your dashboard.

    On Reddit, You'd just follow the modern art subreddit. The comments might link to other places, But you're probably not going to see any tastefully artistic porn.

  • Reddit is Jesus

    I tend to be a more liberal minded person when it comes to the issues of genders and immigrants, but the difference between reddit and tumblr I’m these categories is simply that on tumblr, hate simply begets hate. On Reddit, hate, no matter which side it stems from will beget (hate of course, this is the internet) but also, and even more so, thoughtful conversation and exchanging of ideas. An opinion is more likely to be swayed if challenged on Reddit than on tumblr, and I am of the firm belief that some opinions need to be changed, but the difference is wether you want to help a person learn about their ignorance, or deny them the chance to change and only make their toxic or hateful ideology take root even further. The there’s the memes. Reddit is a goldmine. There is diversity in the subreddits, you can choose what you want to see and if you only want to mingle with likeminded people. There is no end to the scale of reddit’s community, and it is a vastly superior medium for sharing content, ideas, and just generally spending your time.

  • Reddit is better

    Reddit is a place which fills your needs, need help with a specific bug on your computer? Just ask. Memes are new everyday, everyone you meet is willing to accept your opinion, we also have discussions using objective reasoning and we are open to do what we want. Radicalism such as retarded feminists,
    hipsters, and people who hate you for you having an opinion are almost unavoidable. We have subreddits to fill our interests instead of a front page of cancerous horseshit you accidentally clicked on before.

  • Reddit is fresh

    Reddit's memes are fresh as heck, and they have a diverse and accepting community. There are also upvotes and downvotes to make sure that only the best of posts are served. We are just as diverse as tumblr, but we're not as cringy and bashful to others about it. In all honesty, you need a reddit if you want to be taken seriously when it comes to memes

  • Reddit > Tumblr

    At least people in Reddit won't attack you for having an opinion different than theirs, or won't ruin a show for you forever. If you have different views than some subreddit, there's a subreddit for that, whereas in Tumblr, you're stuck with one single homepage that fills with whatever you last visited.

  • Reddit is a direct upgrade to Tumblr

    Don't get me wrong, both have their ups and downs, but wth Reddit, the pros outweigh the cons, something I can't say about Tumblr. On Tumblr, if your opinion differs from the norm (read: infinite genders), you will be anonymously harassed by the very people who decry harassment. Meanwhile, on Reddit, people tend to be much more tolerant about differing opinions, and if ever a community becomes too toxic, you can join a different subreddit. For these reasons, I have to recommend Reddit over Tumblr.

  • Reddit is better

    Although there are more fandoms on tumblr, reddit spends its time discussing, theorizing, and making intelligent conversation rather that just making every simgle character gay or some fake gender and saying how important it is -reblogged because this is like more important than like anything else omg like #feminism #whydowetalkinhashtags

  • Reddit is better

    Reddit is a website where you can voice your opinion without getting bullied by the 'tolerant' SJW/feminist crowd. On Reddit, people accept the fact that you have a different opinion. Frankly, Tumblr is the biggest example of hypocrisy I have seen outside of movies and cartoons, claiming that they're welcoming and open minded, and proceeding to bash your head in, or drive you to suicide (thank you, SU fandom) over a differing opinion.
    After all, if you happen to be a Christian, cis white male, you might as well kill yourself as far as they're concerned.

  • Reddit is better

    Tumblr is a hive mind, full of criticism for she who get offended by everything. Reddit is anything you want it to be. There are thousands of subreddits and thousands of users on each of those individual subreddits. My point is whatever your into, Reddit has it and hundreds if not thousands of people who also share your interests.

  • Reddit reddit reddit

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