Tunisian council worker blames Arab Spring on self: Should a massive event like the Arab Spring be attributed to only one person?

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  • The Arab Spring was not because of one person.

    Just like with most major events, there were so many factors that went into the Arab Spring. There had been unrest for years and people upset about the corrupt governments. I don't think one person could have caused such a major shift in the Middle East, and he should stop blaming it on himself.

  • See Also: Scapegoat

    If it sounds too convenient to be logical, it probably is. I know that's too long to fit on a bumper sticker but the Arab Spring worked out very positively for certain powers with certain agendas. Is that a matter of convenience? I would argue that it is not and also that when someone benefits, they are typically the sponsor. See also: Qui bono?

  • Arab Spring should not be attributed to only one person

    In my opinion, Arab Spring should not be attributed to only one person. It is possible that one individual started the idea or a movement, but I feel it is the event that just waited to happen. It needed a spark, and it happened to be the action of that worker.

  • An uprising is a group effort.

    It seems silly to think that one person could possibly blame themselves for the Arab Spring. While it is legitimately possible that the actions of a few could trigger an uprising, there was definitely not a response to one person and it was definitely not a council worker in Tunisia. Irresponsible political leaders definitely had a role in agitating the masses to rebellion, but it was a product of many years and many actions.

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