Turkey dismissed more than 90,000 public servants in post-coup purge. Is Turkey headed for a revolution?

  • I cannot predict the future. But if asked, I would say a revolution is coming

    I am a Marxist, so I fundamentally believe in the dialectics and in the natural transition of power. As in Tunisia and Egypt and other examples, the more you erode the civil and democratic liberties and rights of the people, the more you push them

    In Turkey the rights of the people have been eroded and civil liberties are approaching zero, and if this goes any further there will be a breaking point. Though it might not come out well, the people will rise up, they will protest and riot and eventually try to overthrow the government. If the government gets more oppressive they will be replaced, because people want democracy and control at their very cores

  • Absolutely, that's a lot of unemployed people who are angry at their governmnent.

    Whenever there's large scale unemployment in a country this can definitely create instability. Turkey's been in the news a lot recently, and it seems like the country's a powder keg just waiting to explode so to speak. When you have 90,000 people who have just recently lost their livelihood the situation becomes extra tense. What's more, the fact that they were public servants means that they are likely to direct their vitriol right at their ex employers who just happen to be the government itself.

  • Yes, it like is.

    Turkey is likely headed for a revolution. Since the failed coup attempt, the government has been cracking down on the opposition - even firing tens of thousands of government workers, professors and judicial system employees. The country is ripe for a political revolution, before it turns into a full-blown dictatorship.

  • No one can predict what will happen?

    Without knowing more facts, it is hard to predict whether or not there will be a serious revolution. A revolution is not just a simple fight. It is historical in nature and something that can change a course of history. So at this point it is not possible to predict whether Turkey is headed for a revolution, or whether a revolution may be averted.

  • No, it is too early to make the claim of revolution.

    While no doubt there is a great deal of unrest and discontent in Turkey, it is, perhaps, a bit too early to suggest revolution is on the horizon. It seems only natural that the Turkish government would dismiss those connected to a failed coup attempt. Only a fool would leave vipers in the chicken coop. That being said, The number involved with the plot is troubling, indicating a need for some change within the Turkish government.

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