Turkey EU membership: Should Turkey be given membership in the EU?

  • Turkey has developed a lot.

    During the last 12 years Turkey has developed a lot. The government made lots of new reforms for democratization. It also developed the economy, the infrastructure and social rights. Turkey now ranks as the 17th biggest economy in the world. Turkish military is also another positive aspect of Ankara. It will add a lot to EU's capabilities.

  • Helps Stabilize Middle East

    Turkey is in a unique situation as one of the most stable Muslim nations in the Middle East. Membership in the EU can only help show other Middle Eastern nations that stability is a good thing should Turkey adopt the Euro currency. Its application is still being considered, but Turkey should be joining Europe in 2015.

  • I'm not really sure if they should join up with Europe.

    First off it might just be me, but am I the only one who doesn't understand how Turkey can be considered part of Europe. Might just be ignorance on my part, but I always thought they were more in Asia than in Europe. Well, I'm not sure if they should become members of the EU, but I do think it would be a wise decision on their part if they decided to form a long term friendship and alliance with the nations of Europe. Turkey is the gateway to the Middle East and if we can establish peace there, then maybe Turkey could be used as a stepping stone to bring peace to the rest of the region. In conclusion it really comes down to what the people of Turkey want and hopefully we can bring peace to the Middle East through any alliance with the country of Turkey. May God bless you all.

  • No, they are not stable enough.

    No, Turkey should not be given membership in the EU, because they are a fragile country. Turkey needs to demonstrate to the world that they are committed to the ways of Western culture, and also of women's rights, before they are recognized as part of Europe. If Turkey is not committed to European way of life, they do not belong in a European union.

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