Turkey has fired 9,000 people and 30 governors after the failed coup attempt. Will Turkey impose a harsh crackdown?

  • Democracy Wins Over Coup Attempt

    Given the harshness of the attempted coup the resulting crackdown should be even more severe to preserve the existing democracy that exists in Turkey. Democracy is a fragile thing and requires severe diligence to prevent its overturning by those who seek ultimate powers. The coup leaders and followers deserve punishment fitting the preservation of what they sought to destroy.

  • Yes, Turkey will impose a harsh crackdown.

    The failed coup was a major tragedy and a major embarrassment for the goverment of Turkey. It is likely that they will do everything they can to investigate anyone and everyone who might have been responsible and might have supported the coup. The firings are only the beginning of the investigation.

  • Turkey has become more stringent in the wake of the coup

    Following a failed coup attempt, Turkey's government reacted swiftly and decisively by firing several thousand individuals and more than a few government officials. This leads me to believe that Turkey will continue to be harsh in their dealings with individuals who are or were involved in the planning and execution of the coup attempt.

  • Turkey is probably done

    Turkey is probably done or almost done in terms of punishment, except for what happens officially through the court systems. I don't think the poor country can focus that much effort on rectifying what happened when they have everyday governing to do. This incident will probably change the dynamics of the government though.

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