Turkey's twitter ban: Should a government ban social media if they feel anti-government rhetoric threatens the safety of its citizens?

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  • No, this is pathetic.

    The Turkish government should be ashamed of themselves for doing such a silly thing. All this is is a restriction on the civil liberties of the Turkish people. Twitter is a social media platform where free speech can be expressed to the entire world and to ban it is just absurd.

  • No, I don't think the Government should ban social media if they feel it threatens the safety of its citizens.

    I think in general it's a very poor idea to limit the spread of information between citizens, you just end up angering people more and they will still communicate with each other regardless, I think any Nation that tries to ban social media networks like Twitter are making a very large mistake.

  • Social media allows people freedom of speech

    I don't think an entire social network, such as Twitter, should be banned for an entire country based on the comments that some people might make. It's the individuals, if they truly are a threat, that should be dealt with, rather than people on the whole, who may use it for different things. People should be allowed freedom of speech, to say what they don't like, just as much as what they do, and it is not up to the Turkish government to decide what people are allowed to think.

  • No, you can't protect people from themselves.

    People need to have free will and make their own decisions. What you think is wrong, another person may feel that it's right. In this particular matter, I feel that social media is the people's voice. You can't take away that voice because you're trying or thinking that you're helping a certain matter.

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