Turkish arrests: Is the recent coup being used as an excuse for purging political opponents of the Turkish government?

  • Yes, it is being used as an excuse to purge political opponents in the Turkish government.

    The recent Turkish coup attempt is now being used as an excuse by the country's president to purge political opponents in the government. Unfortunately, the failed coup will only embolden the conservative government in Turkey. The failed coup attempt will likely lead to more political purging, as well as a crack-down on individual rights and freedoms.

  • Yes, it is.

    The recent coup, which was swiftly put down by the current government is being used to weed out opposition. They have attacked, fired, and arrested people who were not involved in the coup but simply have political leanings towards the leaders of the coup, which is not the same as supporting the coup.

  • Yes, the government is using the coup to silence the opposition.

    The Turkish government is using the failed coup attempt to purge the opposition. The opposition may not have had anything to do with the coup but an opportunity has presented itself to silence the opposition. They will be framed and jailed by the authoritarian government of Erodgan who has refused to rule out death penalty on all suspects.

  • Yes, Coup Being Used as Purge

    The latest coup in Turkey really did not seem like it was a big deal. It was over quickly and not very effective. I think the Turkish government now is using this incident as a way to get rid of unfavorable (in their view) political opponents. It is easy enough to accuse someone of plotting against the government.

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