Turkish authorities seize control of news agency: should the international community stand up for a free press?

  • The world needs to step in and free the news agency

    Control of the press is a necessary first step in a domineering government that controls every aspect of its citizens' lives. A free press offers an alternative opinion to the party line, and for that reason it is absolutely necessary for a free society and a healthy and responsible government.

  • Yes, I believe the international community should stand up for free press.

    Yes, I believe the international community should stand up for free press because it's 2016 and free speech should be a mainstay of all the different governments in the world. Freedom of speech is very important because it helps prevent the abuse of power and brings light to different social and political issues and problems afflicting the less fortunate.

  • Yes, Erdogan is destroying everything.

    Erdogan is very close to being a despot now, taking retribution on his own people, taking away their freedom of speech, supporting terrorist organisations, encouraging rebellion in other sovereign countries. If he isn't stopped, Turkey will revert to the theocratic tyranny of the past, and Erdogan will install himself as the new sultan.

  • No, local news agencies should be handled by local government.

    No, unless the news agency is an internationally syndicated news source, then the international community should not get involved. It is my belief that, unless the world agrees to a one world nation, each nation's control of their own local news should be left to them. If the international community would like to express their own opinions on the subject they are free to do so, but any direct interference would be overstepping.

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