Turkish Carrier Accidentally Fires Live Missles: Should stronger safety checks have been in place?

  • Yes, there should have been stronger safety missles on the Turkish Carrier.

    A Turkish carrier accidentally fires live missiles should not be a headline. Missiles cost lives and the fact that they could be fired "accidentally" suggests there should be better security in place to prevent such accidents. It is unconscionable that loss of life could be chocked up to an accident. Such an accident has the potential to start a war, true accident or not. Why would Turkey risk such an escalation in an already unstable region?

  • Safety checks should always be improved upon.

    How is it even remotely possible that a carrier "accidentally" fires live missiles? There's not just a button that an elbow accidentally knocks and launches live missiles. Safety checks should always be scrutinized and improved upon. There are always mistakes to be found and improved upon. This should never be something that is taken lightly.

  • Yes, stronger saftey checks should have been in place.

    Regardless of the country of origin, it is incredibly important that any and all operations surrounding the use of deadly force be tightly controlled and made safe for the general public. While accidents do happen, special precautions must be taken because of the magnitude of the errors that occur when accidents happen involving things like live missiles.

  • Yes, stronger safety checks in place should be considered

    While it depends on the specifics on the situation, as many jobs provide an opportunity to accidentally do something, or easily fail to do something, a location involving live missiles should really be more secure than it sounds like it was. How was one man able to accidentally fire live missiles? How did he have access? Why did he have access? Why were the missiles so easy to fire? Did he merely walk in and lean his elbow on a button? Something is not secure, and it should be looked into.

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