• TV is not necessary

    I don't even watch TV that much nowadays. I realize that before TV was the "thing" but now it is not so new and I am used to more advanced technology. New technology is not surprising these days, and furthermore, I think that it's the young people that can live without TV. Elders were born with TV and still think it's the best. Adults are too old to understand the way kids see thing now. So basically, TV is no something we even need. We could just go on hulu or netfilx which are much cheaper alternatives.

  • Yes, and so could everyone else.

    Unless someone is mentally unwell and possesses a pathological need to watch television (for example, if they would kill themselves without it), then everyone can easily live without television. Arguably, we could live better without television (though I do enjoy it) because we would spend more time engaged with other people and the world around us.

  • You could live without TV

    You could live without TV. This is because of the fact that mankind has survived without TV for thousands of thousands of years. TV is a recent invention when regarding the time that humans have walked the earth. Humans have lived for much more of the time without TV, and this proves that you can live without TV.

  • Yes, I could personally live without TV.

    People lived without television before, and they did fine without it. In fact, there was more time to spend with family and friends before people devoted hours a day to the television. We have given up cable, and are not tied to the television as much as many people are. It's really a time-zapper, and it takes away from getting other things done. It would take a lot of adjustment, but I think over time anyone could live without TV.

  • I barely watch as it is

    I think we are at a time now where people, younger ones especially, can live without television. I barely even watch TV myself, as I get most of my entertainment on the Internet or through my video gaming console. These days I think most people have turned to options such as Netflix or Hulu because they are much cheaper.

  • Yes I could.

    I already do not spend a lot of time using the TV so I could easily live without it. Any news I could get from online or the newspaper, and instead of watching TV shows I could enertain myself with reading a book. Aside from that just go about my day normally.

  • Yes, I could live without TV.

    Yes, I could live without TV. I could live without anything besides food, water and shelter. No one has ever died because of lack of a TV. TV is a luxury. Millions of people around the world live full lives without ever even seeing a TV, let alone watching it daily.

  • We do not need

    We do not need because there are better things to do with our life. We should not sit around all day just doing nothing. We should be outside running and playing. Not siting at the TV like a zombie.Unless of course you want to be fat. Than go ahead and have fun.

  • No, I need television.

    Being of the old school, I probably spend less time on the computer or on electronic devices than some of the younger people. I enjoy the tv shows that are my favorites whether on regular channels or on cable. But it does seem as if over time people will do more streaming on their devices instead.

  • I love movies.

    I could live without reality television and some television show. However, I love to watch movies too much to lose TV. I provides an escape from reality and a way to alleviate stress. I would probably go nuts without being able to wind down and watch an awesome kung fu movie.

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