TV viewing is harmful to children: Does TV substantially influence children's behavior, and in a bad way?

  • It is bad for kids!

    In whatever way a person acts after watching a reality show is entirely up to them. Some copy the good characteristics and some the bad. Reality television is just for pure entertainment, but some people instantly copy what is done on the reality shows when they’re in trouble, and blame them if it doesn’t come out as planned. This completely killed the person’s identity and individually.

    When you actually think about the scripting that some of these programs go through, it’s hardly reality anymore as it is being scripted, but people think otherwise. When people see on the shows what they think is supposed to happen in reality, they start to associate these values with their own values in life. If they have the wrong recognition, it can be difficult when their life doesnt add up the same way as it did on the reality programme.

  • Yes, so kids want to do wats on the TV.

    Kids watch TV and they see a inappropriate and then they want to do it so they act different witch can effect there looks, act, learning, and there friends so there friends act different to effecting there feutcher. All kids shulde watch up to one hour a day so it prevents anything to bad.

  • Physically and Mentally by Television

    Television can be harmful to kids because if kids watch TV to long they will end up with problems that the parents wouldn't want to deal with.So saying that TV is good is just down right stupid.They will end up being mentally ill meaning they will become dumb and they will be nonphysically meaning they will not be doing any sports non whats so ever.

  • It ruins their attention

    I do not believe that TV will makes kids more violent per se, but it does make them have lower attention span than they would otherwise have. It also exposes children to situations and language that they would not otherwise be exposed to. TV should be monitored and minimized when possible.

  • TV Affects Children's Behavior

    Yes, TV viewing substantially influences a child's behavior, and often in bad ways. Children cannot yet understand the difference between fantasy and reality, and a child looks almost everywhere for behaviors to copy. Thus, if a child is exposed to violent programming, the child will often develop violent habits of his/her own.

  • Subliminal Programming on Television

    Subliminal influence is not always, nor inherently bad. The principles of behavior that children see regularly are often mimicked and internalized. Television, for the most part, does not reflect normal, healthy behavior. It is more important for a child to learn what they learn primarily from real people having real experiences which the child may be a part of. Real people having real experiences reflect real consequences.

  • H h h

    I think the same time you get to see the point of having a bad mood and the other side of things that make you feel dumb chicken is the most important thing in life and you know that I'm going on a date with my friends and family to eat chicken strips and more chicken wings now you better know your lesson. B1tch

  • H h h

    The same time I see you in the morning to the point where you can do it again and again in the world to me and I don't think that I can see the point of view and a lot more than the original version and it is not the best thing to do.

  • TV does have a bad effect in some ways

    But,if you take in to consideration the fact that their parents let them watch it after the shows give an explicit content warning. It also depends on who the kid is. If a kid is always looking up to violent things, then I bet you can guess what will happen to them. I'm not saying people who think it effects children in a bad way are wrong,I'm just stating my opinion.

  • No it does not.

    Kids watching TV does not harm them in a bad way and TV does not substantially influence kids behavior. If a kid is acting bad, then that blame needs to be placed on the parents. People who blame TV are just looking for something to blame their own short comings on.

  • Television's negative influence has diminished, but is still present

    Now that other forms of media such as music, video games, and internet blogs are available, Television in itself is not as evil for children. "The Simpsons" and other shows that were considered to have bad influences are less bad now. The perceived evil may be internet time and /or movie time.

  • TV does not substantially influence children's behavior.

    TV does not substantially influence children's behavior. Depends on how much television they are watching and what they are watching at their age. Parents should be controlling all of this and if they are not then they should not be allowing their children to watch television. Bad influences come from the people that we are around not the television.

  • No, it has its good points.

    No, TV viewing does not substantially influence children's behavior in a bad way, because children learn many good things from watching television. From practical things, such as the alphabet or math, on Sesame Street, to positive social norms on the Disney channel, television helps our children in many ways. It is not necessarily bad just because it is television.

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