Twenty thousand to protest "fraudulent" Clinton nomination: will she be the Democratic candidate for president?

  • Yes, Clinton for now

    Yes, Clinton should be the Democratic candidate for the moment. Until investigations into fraud are complete, there is no reason to take the nomination from her. However, Democrats should closely examine the process by which she won the nomination. They wouldn't want to put her up as their candidate only to find she didn't get it legally and honestly.

  • It's a distinct possibility.

    The whole system is corrupt and all this melodrama is just for show. Hillary Clinton will more than likely get the nomination because she is the favorite. With that being said, this has been one of the most unpredictable elections in recent memory. Just like Donald Trump gained so much popularity, an underdog like Bernie Sanders could very well surprise us all.

  • Clinton to become Democratic nominee

    Hillary Clinton will become the Democratic candidate for president regardless of many protesting her "fraudulent" nomination. She is a member of the elite political class in the United States and all her misdeeds will be completely ignored by both the media and those in authority. The Clinton family has proven their invincibility over and over again through the years, and this will be just another example.

  • Hillary Clinton will be the nominee

    Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate for president. Although Bernie Sanders has enthusiastic supporters, she has the overwhelming amount of delegates. Clinton only needs a handful of the remaining delegates. It also seems certain she will hold on to the super delegates, who have stuck by her so far.

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