Twenty years after Kurt Cobain's committed suicide, should the Seattle police have released photos from the scene?

  • Pictures end loose talk

    In hindsight, after seeing all the glorification of Cobain's suicide and all the money being made of the suspicious nature of his death, it'd only have been right for the Seattle police to release the crime scene photos. Without true evidence the masses are left to speculation, rumor, and hearsay which distorts reality and blemishes Kurt Cobain's legacy.

  • It's public record.

    Yes, the Seattle police should have released photos from Kurt Cobain's suicide twenty years later, because it is a matter of public record. People have a right to know matters of law enforcement. We can have a better understanding of how things have happened, and of how law enforcement works in our society.

  • No, there is no benefit to the public yet considerable harm to his family

    Considering that the inquiry into Cobain's death was closed many years ago, there are few benefits to releasing photos of the "death scene" so long after the event. Releasing these photos, which authorities had to know would inevitably end up published, is gruesome and harmful to Cobain's survivingly family members, not the least of which is his daughter Frances Bean. Unless the pictures were to serve some judicial or legal purpose, making them public is just an act of needless titillation, and fodder for the gossip mill and those who subscribe to silly conspiracy theories about Cobain's suicide.

  • No Need For It

    I do not believe the Seattle police need to release the photos from Kurt Cobain's suicide. These documents should be private and they should remain private for a certain amount of time. Hopefully after all affiliated parties are gone. These photos aren't public property and I don't feel the public should be requesting them.

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