Twin Towers reconstruction: Should the Twin Towers in NYC be rebuilt?

  • They should be rebuilt

    The new world trade centre looks ugly, NY needs its twin towers, there part of the city. If we don't rebuild them then it's just showing terrorists that the United States are to weak and afraid to show them that we won't just give up and build things that have no were near Value of what we had before, but it's not going to happen so...

  • No, the twin towers should not be rebuilt.

    We should not waste the space to recreate the twin towers. The site should be a historical monument and nothing more. We should not give terrorists a symbolic place for them to try to blow up. It is not sound judgment to recreate the twin towers. Nobody would want to work in them anyway.

  • No, the Twin Towers site should be a place of mourning.

    The Twin Towers have become a horrible symbol for many Americans. Even looking back on pictures that were taken of the New York City skyline can be a horrible reminder for many people. There are so many people that died that day whose bodies were never officially recovered. That means that the former site of the Twin Towers is as close to a resting place as they will ever have. For that reason, I feel that while a memorial would be acceptable to build at the site, it is nearly disrespectful to rebuild the Twin Towers as they were before the attacks. That needs to be a place of mourning and respect for those that were lost.

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