Twitter: Does Twitter contribute (yes) or distract (no) from the present?

  • Twitter contributes to society

    Society is always changing and we have to recognize this. Not everyone is going to understand or like Twitter but it has become a means of communication in our society. It is beneficial for now although over time it will be replaced with a new form of communication. This is part of an evolving society.

  • Twitter Contribues to the Present

    I believe that Twitter does contribute to the present. When a person twitters, the person generally will be talking about something that they are doing. As such, this creates more of a awareness for the person that is using Twitter of what they are currently doing, and this is why I believe that Twitter contributes to the present.

  • Twitter Contributes to Society

    These days, Twitter actually contributes to society and the present times. News breaks on Twitter each and every day, so it has become a viable media platform. Not all of Twitter is useful for the present times, but it can be useful during countless situations in this day and age.

  • Twitter contributes to the present.

    Twitter is an important tool for keeping up with the news. It allows people to stay in touch and to spread information. Although Twitter as a company may not survive, the micro-blog medium has had a profound effect on the Internet and the world. Twitter helps people stay connected to each other.

  • Yes, it is sharing the human experience.

    Yes, Twitter contributes to the present, because it allows people to share their daily lives with others. With Twitter, the human experience is being recorded and shared in a way that it never has before. It is amazing that humans can collect their experiences and share like they can today. Twitter is a part of this revolution.

  • Yes, Twitter distracts from the present.

    Twitter, and other forms of social media, can be addicting. People who use Twitter may find themselves focusing more on tweets than on what is going on around them in the "real world." The speed of social networking sites makes them addictive, and people don't want to sign off, in case they may miss something important. Because of this, users may not be present in the moment.

  • The New Social Norm

    I think twitter contribute to a lot in society it is very informative, social and keeps you up to date on what is happening in the world, not only social but also with breaking news, and of course celebrity gossip, so twitter has become the social norm for this society.

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