Twitter is commenting on Tom Brady's haircut. Does social media make people more critical?

  • Yes, social media makes people more critical.

    I do believe that social media makes people more critical. The relative anonymity of the internet provides a space for people to say negative and hurtful without being called out on it. By commenting on threads like this, people can generate more popularity for their own social media sites. More comments means more views, followers, and notoriety. I believe this creates a bandwagon effect where people will jump on a thread, no matter how negative or mundane, to gain more popularity for themselves.

  • Yes I think social media makes people more critical

    Social media has given the world a front-row seat into the lives of celebrities, politicians and every-day people. The first thing we do when we see a post by a celebrity is comment. That comment can be positive or negative but it is judgment. From criticizing a celebrity's new hair cut or where they are eating to what they are wearing we are critiquing their every move.

  • Yes, social media definitely makes people more critical.

    Yes, social media definitely makes people more critical. Many celebrities and other people online share their stories and/or their photos with their friends and strangers alike. Many times, they will get positive feedback, but when they get negative feedback, it is much more critical than it would be in person. This is probably because social media puts people at more of a distance.

  • Yes, social media makes people more critical.

    Social media seems to make people more critical of each other. At least it makes people be more superficial and shallow. No one would ordinarily care what Tom Brady's haircut looks like. However, the fact that a tweet can go live to millions of followers in an instant means that idiotic stories - Tom Brady's haircut - can go viral quickly.

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