Twitter suspends alt-right accounts: Is this a violation of free speech?

  • Freedom of speech is unrestricted.

    Twitter is a private company, but they create public spaces for communication. This is much like a restaurant. They might be a private company, but their business is a public place. Twitter should not be choosing winners and losers. They should allow free speech, even if they disagree with it.

  • Although I don't agree, they are allowed to do it

    I personally do not agree with the alt-right but, I think what twitter is doing is very scummy and is creating an echo chamber. However, this is not a violation of the first amendment as they are a private orginazation and are completely allowed to ban whomever they please.


  • In this case I don't think rights are being violated.

    The alt-right has shown it's blatant racisms and intolerance to minorities and other groups in our society. They have promoted hate and that is more of a violation of rights than banning the group from Twitter. This is an act of banning messages of hate from being broadcast to the general public and it is necessary.

  • No, Twitter is a privately-owned forum and may regulate its users as it sees fit.

    No, Twitter is not violating free speech by suspending alt-right accounts. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram regulate the content users post, and as a privately-owned platform, Twitter also has that right. The alt-right account owners are free to express themselves through personal outlets like blogs, and are permitted to hold and express whatever beliefs they wish in the public square.

  • Alt-Right is a hate group.

    All of the propaganda and "news stories" that come from the alt-right sound like they could be coming from the KKK or some supremacy group for White Men only. I myself am a white man but I can call out bigotry when I see it. That whole group of people don't have a firm grip on reality.

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