Twitter: With tools such as Facebook and Twitter, does anyone really care what you're doing right now?

  • Yes, someone cares, sadly.

    It's an unfortunate reality. People care what other people are doing every moment of the day. Whether it's a fanatic schoolgirl or a concerned parent, everyone seems to have some inane curiosity about what other people are doing every second of every day. From taking a dump, to winning the lottery. I don't subscribe to twitter, instagram, facebook, or anything of the sort, because I like my privacy.

  • No, no one really cares.

    Half the time Facebook and Twitter are just a place for people to vent or feel popular for the day. A majority of the time people just like or bump or re tweet tweets to feel popular or more connected to each other, but in reality non of them really care what you are doing every second of every day.

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